6 Weeks Beginners Ceramics Workshop


Maximum 5 people

3hrs per session

Saturdays at 12pm

£240 per person


Minimum of 2 bookings. In the case that only one booking has been made, the student will be asked to join a future class.

Includes all tools, materials and firing costs, refreshments

Suitable for beginners in pottery

All exercises will be taught using high-temperature firing Stoneware Clay

Students will learn an array of hand-building techniques and will be given the time to practice and perfect their skills at their own pace

Students will complete the course with approximately 8 pieces that will be theirs to take home!


Week One: Making a Pinched Cup

– Learn how to prepare your clay by wedging.

– Make a set of 4 cups using the pinching techniques

– Decorate your cups using an array of tools

Week Two: Coiling a Pot

– Practise preparing your clay by wedging.

– Make a plant pot using the coiling technique

– Decorate your plant pot using an array of tools

Week Three: Hump Moulds

– Taking inspiration from nature, you will be asked to bring in some foraged leaves that you can use to imprint on the clay

– Practise preparing your clay by wedging.

– Choosing from a variety of moulds, create a set of bowls (2 to 3 bowls)

– Decorate your bowls using an array of tools

Week Four: Experimental Piece

– This week, you will have the freedom to create a unique piece using the techniques learnt in previous sessions. Rula will be there to help guide and advise you every step of the way.

– Come prepared with some inspiration!

Week Five: Underglazing

– All your pieces are now bone dry and are ready to be bisque fired. Before doing so, you now have the chance to use underglaze paints to accentuate patterns and textures

– Choosing from a variety of colours as well as mixing your own colours, apply underglazes to your artwork

– At this stage you can refine and clean your artwork, as well as having the creative freedom to add a splash of colour!

Week Six: Glazing

– During the bisque stage you will learn how to safely sand your artwork, making sure they have smooth and stable bases

– Glaze all artwork created, choosing from a range of food-safe brush-on and dipping glazes

Artwork will be fired and ready for collection 2-4 weeks after the class.


Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking this workshop.




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