Our Story


Sayegh & Sayegh was established in 2017 by Ula and Rula Sayegh, sisters who share a passion for architecture, organic materials, morphology and detail found in nature.


Their inspirations have come about through their exploration of the diverse natural world and the discovery of extraordinary beauty in nature, from the simplest structural forms to multi-cellular organisms.  


Their desire to interpret and express organic structures through unique sculptures has led to this partnership.

Rula Sayegh:

AA Diploma




Graduated from the Architectural Association, London, Rula understands the importance of form, space and light in all work she produces. From a young age, Rula was intrigued by natural vs man-made environments. Her ideas and work are influenced by her fascination of sustainable solutions, environments and habitats,  innovation and bio-mimicry.


Her work has evolved into sculptural pieces that reflect her interest and expertise in organic forms, alongside architectural technicalities. Using ceramics as the medium for her work, she is determined to push the material’s limits by creating technically-challenging sculptural pieces that evoke our senses through sight and touch.

Ula Sayegh:

Public Health Nutrition MSc

Biology BSc



Ula’s curiosity for biological systems and the ecosphere was realised at a young age, she has an academic background in Biology, with a particular interest in cellular biology, genetics, animal adaptation and diversity. She is continuously amazed by biological systems and has an appreciation of complex intricate molecular processes that translate to adaptive features.


This influence and affinity has materialised into a collaborative process between the sisters to create pieces that push boundaries and simulate senses. Within every collection are authentic handmade pieces that aim to express nature.

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